Why are Some of My Email with an Winmail.dat File Attached?

"Hi guys, can anyone help me with my Apple Email? Some of my e-mails are with an winmail.dat file attached? Why it's ended up in my inbox? Is it a spyware or some "garbage" data? But they were sent by my clients! So I'm eager to know what's inside." posted on a Mac forum by a junior member. Maybe you have come across the same problems and can't find any out. But now, if you are lucky to read this article, you don't need to be vexed about it anymore.

Why do you receive "winmail.dat" attachments?

It is that people are using different email client programs to receive and send emails causes this occasion. And some people still use Microsoft Outlook as their email client program. But other than some common email client program like Thunderbird, Outlook has its own, unique method for formatting email messages that other email clients can’t quite decode. Exactly, it’s that Outlook does not play well with the other email programs all the time causes problems. The whole process is that when an Outlook user composes and sends a message using Rich Text Format, Outlook will generate a winmail.dat attachment to send out. Therefore, it’s not for the sender of the email, but the recipient, particularly winmail.dat file contains formatting information, in a human-unreadable form with fancy fonts, only Outlook can display this email message correctly. Other email client programs don't support this format email. So non-Outlookers can’t open it without help from a third-party program. That’s why so many people are annoyed about this winmail attachment.

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The solution for Mac users

There are several apps online that’ll open winmail.dat attachments for you, but not all of them are good for value. A highly recommended one, Enolsoft Winmail Viewer for Mac, has optimized logic design and favorable user experience. Users speak highly of this cost-effective app. Just download and follow wizard to install it on your Mac. Right click the winmail.dat file, and then choose Enolsoft Winmail Viewer to open it. Click here to learn the online instructions about how to open it with Enolsoft Winmail Viewer for Mac.


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Or reply to the sender to ask that they re-send the email using a plain text email message, not in Rich Text Format.

Try all the features of Enolsoft Wimail Viewer for Mac

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  • Quickly browse attachment of a winmail.dat (RTF encoded) file.
  • Open single attachment file with external appropriate applications.
  • Extract and save files contained in the Winmail.dat attachment.
  • Practical, simple, and fast to use.

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